Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Ministry of Labour Consultation Period on New Mandatory Health & Safety Training for everyone


I am somewhat concerned about the impact this new MOL initiative may have on employers and business owners.  It sounds like a great idea - but who pays for the time and training?  And what will be the ROI?

Here is the MOL Link: http://www.labour.gov.on.ca/english/hs/prevention/consultations/training.php

The consultation period ends February 4, 2013. Submissions may be mailed or sent electronically to the following addresses:

Mail: Awareness Training Programs Regulation Project
400 University Ave., 12th floor
Toronto, ON M7A 1T7

Maybe I am cutting off my own consulting opportunities here - but if the Province keeps dumping legislation on to the business owner - the costs will be too high!  Just like development charges move businesses away from Niagara.  This (could) cause small businesses not to hire; to avoid compliance; to try to download their costs somehow. 

I believe that it will make it harder on businesses.  Zero accidents in Ontario sounds great.  I also believe that everyone has the right to go to work and come home again safely.  What is the cost?  What is the way to implement?  Why aren't the District School Board's including Health and Safety training in the curriculum?  The schools used to have a First Aid course as part of the curriculum. 

Why is it that Quebec can educate their students in less years than Ontario and it is not an inferior education - quite the opposite?  Quebec also has a mandatory 30 hours of health and safety training before someone can participate in construction. 

I think we can find a more economically viable way than make employers pay.

Thanks - Joy