Friday, May 3, 2013

Long lines continue for wind turbine work

Long lines continue for wind turbine work

By Dave Johnson, The Tribune
Thursday, May 2, 2013 6:34:10 EDT PM

Job seekers are lined up in front of Job Gym on East Main St. for the second day trying to get a position at PowerBlades Inc., a German wind turbine manufacturer opening up a blade plant in Welland in July.

WELLAND - With resumes in hand, more job seekers lined East Main St. in front of Job Gym Thursday morning, hoping to land one of 125 initial positions at PowerBlades Inc., or possibly one of the 75 to follow.

Job Gym manager Deanna Villella had expected at least 600 people to pass through its downtown doors in hopes of landing a future at the manufacturing plant on the east side of the Welland Canal.
Hamburg, Germany-based REpower Systems is setting up shop for its subsidiary on Rusholme Rd. Production is expected to start in July.

“From our perspective, things are going really well,” Villella said of the job hunt. “The employer is really happy with the candidates coming through and the people they are meeting with. With 200 jobs to fill, they have to see a lot of people.”

People who lined the street on Wednesday and Thursday were asked to meet criteria for production workers, with experience in manufacturing of plastic parts and surface finishing, an ability to read blueprints, experience with composites manufacturing, and certification for overhead cranes and forklift. Quality inspector and laboratory technicians are sought with experience in composites; and production/maintenance/support technicians are also required.

“People who met the criteria were given a number to meet with the employer for a face-to-face interview,” said Villella, adding there were seven people from the company on hand at Job Gym.
Though they were trying to keep interviews short, between five and 10 minutes, to keep people moving through the line and process, Villella said some interviews were taking a while. Seventy people were asked to come back on Thursday for interviews because of the huge lineups on Wednesday.

Second interviews were set up by the employer for those people that made it through the first interview.

“We’re happy to help the employer,” said Villella, who walked the lineup on Wednesday. “Our staff have been working 12 to 14 hours, but their spirits are positive.

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