Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fatal accidents in the workplace.

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Fatal accidents - does anyone have the actual numbers with ages available?
My experience in the Niagara Region has been young workers and lack of training when working with machinery or around machinery. ex: Boom truck operator hits overhead power line and 18 year old killed by touching electrified truck; or Take Your Kid to Work Day at (John Deere-now closed) 14 year olds driving gator in yard (no training) hit the transport bed backing up to dock. Examples of deaths in the workplace - not injuries. They are still happening. I do not know the age of the electrician who was recently killed at the GM plant when crushed by a crane against pipes - probably still under investigation. What is happening? Workers are still dying on the job - not just loosing fingers in a saw! Am I the only one aware of this? Have the safety procedures been taught? They were not taught to the dead 18 year old and neither were they taught to the 14 year old. There have been many changes in safety procedures since two of these deaths. But an electrician still died - May he rest in peace and God be with his family.
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  1. Sometimes, it is the employer's irresponsibility on why such accidents occur. Not following right standards and guidelines, not providing the right safety training such as osha 30 course, not eliminating the hazards at work, no PPE. etc. etc.

  2. In these kinds of jobs, personnel training is the best solution to prevent accidents in the workplace. Skilled workers or not, they should all undergo intensive training to make sure they know what the do’s and don’ts are of their job. The employer should also provide a good compensation package for workers because their occupation is more prone to accidents.
    {Allan Kenan}