Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Employee Handbooks for Your Golf Course

           When were they last updated?  Is it time to dust them off and see if they are still relevant?
·         Are different handbooks made for seasonal/full-time, clubhouse/grounds crew, management?
·         Do they include salaries/set hourly rates, calculation of OT and vacation pay rates? What about the pay periods?  Do new employees have easy access to the information they need most - When is payday?

·         Are OT calculations different for different departments?  Have you checked with the Employment Standards Act before making your handbook so that you are paying your staff correctly?
·         Are holiday work policies included; are these different for different departments?
·         Is there a set procedure for reporting sickness/absences?  Who does the employee call?  Is the procedure different for the grounds maintenance crew than it is for the banquet room serving staff?
·         Are grievance or discipline procedures described?  Have employees been informed of their rights and their responsibilities?  

      The golf course is a beautiful place to spend leisure and casual business hours.  Let's make sure that the experience that the members have is the very best customer service possible.  
      This starts at the top.  The leader is just that - the leader.  He leads by example and by having the correct policies in place to manage his greatest asset - his human capital.  

      The sun is shining today, soon the birds will sing and it will be the time to check out your golf swing.  Which golf club will you choose?

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