Thursday, February 9, 2012

Including Contract workers in workplace policies and training

HRNC assists employers with what is the best fit for their company.  Workplace policies should address the contract worker as opposed to a full-time employee.  Contract workers have the potential to be both an asset and a liability for the company.  They are more likely to leave after training has developed them.  However, if there is a slow down for the company - they make it easier to deal with than terminations.  If they are willing not to receive benefits that reduces costs as well.  I understand that the information technology sector has difficulty keeping full-time employees because workers prefer contracts

A most interesting solution to human resources sharing has been met by Hannah McKinnon, of  If companies sign up for membership to share some of their employees during slow times - they also have the opportunity to share another company's employees when they have an extra project. What a great way to keep our human resources maximized!


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  2. Is this the same BPW Foundation that was originally created in 1919?