Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Who is a Human Resources Professional?

Anyone can call themselves a Human Resources Professional.  However, the HRPA of Ontario is the regulating body for HR professionals.  You can find out if someone is a member of this association by going to www.hrpa.ca.  Just check their name under the listings and you will know for sure.  The CCHRA issues the exams and the HRPA issues the designations which HR professionals value highly - their C.H.R.P.  You can also find out if an individual has this designation on HRPA's web-site.  This gives you confidence that the individual you are considering hiring as an employee or as a consultant really meets the Canadian and Provincial standards set out by their regulating body.  It doesn't mean that they are perfect or know everything as there are so many specialists within the HR community.  But - it should be a qualification that you definitely need to be aware of and look for.  It is a long, hard road to achieve this designation - therefore, respect the education and experience that those have earned.
Joy Vas, CHRP

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  1. I own a small company and I have been trying to hire a new HR manager. It is crazy how many applications I get from people with no HR background or education. People don't realize the amount of education some HR professionals have and the constant classes they are taking to stay updated with current practices. I usually give them a little slack with some of the training because I often send members of my HR team for training. For example, I recently installed an attendance tracking software so I had them all trained on how to use it.